Is there a particular type of organisation that can submit an event?

Event submissions should be from organisations that are registered as a charity, CIO or CIC, or from individuals who have the relevant and appropriate skills, training, experience and accreditation.


Can I submit a recurring event, a training programme or a course?

We are able to list training//courses provided they fit with the wider criteria. If the training/course/event is recurring, this would be listed as one submission on the date the training / course starts, rather than multiple listings. Please list all the dates/times in the information provided. We generally do not list regularly recurring (weekly / monthly) events, unless they are run by the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) directly.


Can I share my retreat/residential event that primarily focuses on individual wellbeing?

At NOW we understand that our individual wellbeing is deeply connected to the wellbeing of our community around us, to wider society and to the natural world on which we all depend. Therefore we prioritise events that acknowledge this interconnectedness, and will not be able to list events that appear to focus on individual wellbeing in isolation, without acknowledging this wider whole.  We will look especially closely at retreats or residential events, to ensure they have a wider systemic relevance to wellbeing (as well as an individual benefit and focus).  At times we may list some retreats that are more individually focused, if they are taking place at NOW’s retreat venue, Eden Rise.


Can I share a spiritual-focused event?

At NOW, we see the strength in the wellbeing movement comes from the diversity of knowledge and experience it builds upon. Living close to nature, which is vital for wellbeing, is also embedded in indigenous communities. Connecting with life’s deeper meaning, also vital for wellbeing, also links to some understandings of spirit and soul. At the same time, wellbeing has gained prominence through also demonstrating a strong body of evidence, through positive psychology, wellbeing economics and other fields of study. As a charity organisation, we try to shine a light on all aspects of wellbeing while also retaining a strongly secular and evidence-based approach. 


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