Date(s) - 18/05/2021
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us to explore how we can live better by consuming less as part of a transition towards a wellbeing economy focused on what is best for people and planet.

It is clear that we cannot continue to consume at current levels while still maintaining a healthy planet. How can we continue to meet our material needs and wants in a way that’s regenerative for people, communities and the planet?

Many people and projects are already sharing, repairing, swapping, making and mending their way towards a more collaborative and sustainable future. We need to find ways to build on this quietly growing momentum.

Meanwhile, the wellbeing economy is also gaining momentum – with thousands calling on the British government to change its priorities in a Wellbeing Economy Petition, while other countries around the world – from New Zealand to Iceland to Scotland – commit to putting the wellbeing of people and planet ahead of economic growth.

What role do consumption habits have in the wellbeing economy? What are the existing best practices among projects working to help people consume differently as part of thriving communities? How can these projects be scaled up to become part of a wider shift towards a wellbeing economy?

These are the questions that we’ll be exploring together with a panel of inspiring speakers including:

* Andrew Simms from the Rapid Transition Alliance
* Mirella Ferrez from the Share Shed – A Mobile Library of Things
* Malin Leth from Circulous
* The ReStart Project