Date(s) - 28/08/2018
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Since we spend one third of our adult lives at work, are there new opportunities to improve our workplaces in this first-quarter of the 21st century? Can we be happier at work? How is the growing focus on ‘happiness at work’ working?

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Further details:

In less than five years, we’ve moved from using ‘slack’ to mean lazy (at work), to using Slack as a workplace communication tool. In less than ten, Apple has become an icon, rather than something we bring to work for lunch, and “The Happiness Advantage” has arguably become required reading for every business leader worth their salt.

The way we earn our living now involves more information than perspiration and more screen-time than time to think. What kind of impact are these changes having on our individual and collective wellbeing?

Can we create space to reflect on the meaning of our work and whether it is fulfilling deeper needs?

While organisations are increasingly interested in happiness at work, they’re also expecting “self-directed” people to work “innovatively” in previously-unimaginable environments of insecurity, instability and inexperience. How can discussions on happiness at work incorporate the evidence – for example on the importance of connection, being fair and empowering others – to address some of these wider structural issues?

About Sherry Clark:

Sherry has always been interested in the contribution work makes to happy lives, be it paid or unpaid. She combines theory and practice, designing and developing people-focussed initiatives to make our workplaces happier, including King’s Health Partners’ happier@work and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust’s Wheel of Wellbeing. She currently works as a freelance guide to happiness at work for and contributes to happiness in Hastings as a volunteer for the local Transition Town group.

Building Wellbeing Together series:

The Network of Wellbeing (NOW) runs regular free webinars to explore how we can build wellbeing together in our own lives, in our communities and in harmony with nature.

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