As summer closes and we move into the autumn months, we can feel a sense of transition. This may be your children returning to school or getting stuck into new projects at work. At the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we are welcoming a new member of our team and reviewing the impact we’d like to make in this rapidly changing world. Read on for more details, and some tips on how to care for your own wellbeing in times of change.


Welcoming a new member of our team

The NOW core team

We are really happy to welcome Rochelle Buisson into the NOW team as Communications Officer. She has the following to say about joining the team: 

I strongly believe in the potential to improve the wellbeing of both people and the planet simultaneously. I am really excited to be a part of the Network of Wellbeing, which brings these two elements together and supports others to do the same too. 

I feel that improving our own wellbeing ripples through to also improving the wellbeing of our communities, and ultimately our home – this magnificent planet we are so fortunate to be a part of.” 

With Rochelle onboard we are now a core team of six part-time staff, including our Director Roger Higman, Communications & Events Manager Flo Scialom, Eden Rise Manager Sylvie Mohabir, and those who work on our flagship Share Shed Project; Totnes Projects Coordinator Mirella Ferraz and Share Shed Manager Mark Jefferies. 

Supporting our core team we also have an amazing range of Share Shed volunteers, Eden Rise support staff and wonderful Trustees. We have had to say farewell to valued team members this year, and we have so much gratitude to all those who have supported our work, past and present.


Supporting your wellbeing in times of change 

We’re aware that it isn’t just our team going through lots of change right now, but that you may also be experiencing the impact of changes in your life and the world around you.

Connecting with nature is one of the most profound and beautiful ways to support our wellbeing at all times, including times of change. As the seasons slowly switch, autumn can be a great teacher in showing us how to navigate change.

Cooler temperatures and shorter days remind us to slow down and find rest. Falling leaves and retreating blooms can encourage us to consider turning more inwards, finding time to reflect and perhaps releasing what we no longer need.

As nature transitions, we can find joy in witnessing the changes, perhaps taking a mindful walk feeling the crunch of the leaves beneath our feet, or admiring the bright orange colours of the trees through a window – all wonderful reminders that change is a natural part of life.

Image via Instagram: @nikkimiles


Looking to the future

We are excited to continue to build our network through many events this autumn, including a series in partnership with Eden Project Communities: Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth?

We’re also so grateful for the support the Share Shed has received from the Postcode Local Trust as well as from the Totnes, Buckfastleigh and South Brent Town Councils to enable us to expand our services. From 29th September we will be adding two more stops on our weekly route: in Bridgetown and Dartington. Details on the new route, opening hours and locations can be found here.

Plus, our venue Eden Rise continues to welcome new bookers and currently has a few weekends available at the end of the year, for which we are offering an exclusive 20% discount. Find out more here

What changes are the autumn months and beyond bringing for you?


Upcoming event series with Eden Project Communities


Staying Connected

One of the best ways to support your own wellbeing is to connect with others. We hope you will stay connected with NOW via our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) and upcoming events and we hope to see you soon!