The Heart Movement Bus is a free, accessible and mobile community space creating opportunities for people to experience the benefits of mindfulness and compassion practices. The Bus was launched earlier this year and has spent the summer travelling across the UK – from Brighton to Glasgow, and many places in between. 

Here at NOW, we are proud to be supporting partners of this project, and this post shares a bit about how it has been going and how we’re getting involved – and how you can, too.

Meeting People Where They Are 

One of the beautiful things about The Heart Bus is that it is able to meet people where they are at; both very physically by travelling to different places, and also emotionally, though offering free supportive services after the uncertainty and mental challenges which have come as a result of living through the covid pandemic. 

As NOW Trustee and well-known activist, Satish Kumar, says,“The Heart Bus brings compassion and meditation to people wherever they are, it is a wonderful project, both timely and inspiring. I support it wholeheartedly.”

Filling a Void

The feedback received from those who have experienced The Heart Bus’ offerings has shown how much it is needed and appreciated. One person, Azme, offered the following feedback after spending time on the bus: “Today the big yellow bus with the compassionate staff filled a void in my life – honestly!” 

The Bus has been travelling to a mix of locations – supporting people working for charities and the NHS, as well as the general public. After visiting the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice, where one person commented “I found it very interesting – stepping back from my busy life is important to help me cope with everything,” while another member of staff said the experience on the bus offered, “a thought-provoking, interesting and enlightening day – myself, patients, families, volunteers and other staff members thoroughly enjoyed it.” It is clear that people of all ages and walks of life have been able to benefit from The Heart Bus

From top right clockwise: Flo (NOW) and the team organising the Heart Bus in Cambridge – Leah, Annabelle and Susie

Working Together

Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW), we are proud to be supporting partners of The Heart Bus. As part of this partnership, some of the NOW team will be helping facilitate sessions on the Bus – Flo Scialom in Cambridge and Mark Jefferies in Exeter. You can find the remaining Tour dates and further information about The Heart Bus here.