In recent months we have been collating the offers being made at the intersection of wellbeing and social change at this time in a fortnightly blog. In this post we share resources to nourish our hopes and highlight beacons of inspiration and positive action as we navigate these times together.

This will be our last Wellbeing Together blog post of the summer, as we are taking some time over August to pause and reflect on how we can continue to connect, support and empower you to continue building wellbeing together. 


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“We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them.” – Epictetus

We are living in extraordinary times, and as we enter the second half of the year, we reflect upon this time of unprecedented challenge and change. 

The events of the recent few months have shone an even brighter spotlight on the inequalities that are prevalent in society, but we’ve also heard incredible stories of hope and inspiration, resilience, solutions and progress. Throughout the crisis, we’ve seen an explosion of altruism, cooperation and togetherness. Many of us have been experiencing a greater sense of neighbourliness, and in these strange and unsettling times new friendships and communities have been stitched together. 

Could it be true perhaps, that we are wired for kindness, and in adversity we reveal our true selves? And could a new future be written through our stories of resilience and the community actions we participate in – no matter how big or small? In this pivotal moment, we recognise the incredible potential for real and transformational change and of a future where everyone’s wellbeing needs can be met within the planet’s natural limits. 

As we transition into August we feel the need for collective pause and reflection. We will be taking things at a slower pace next month, taking some time to reflect on our plans for the future and pausing our current offerings. We’ll be resting, taking time to be in nature and connecting with friends and loved ones.

We’ll be back in September to continue our webinar series and more ways for you to connect, learn and share on wellbeing.  Keep your eyes peeled for more details on NOW’s events page and on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

Until then, below is  our latest curation of support, responses, perspectives and events from across the globe.

Summer Resources:

Supporting Your Mental Health and Wellbeing:



Finding New Perspectives:  



Innovative Community Responses: 



  • Building resilience in the community. Download the pandemic response report from Torbay Community Development Trust and learn more about a kindness asset based approach that engages vulnerable and isolated people
  • How to keep volunteers happy and engaged. This guide is full of tips and advice from the team at Semble, using lived experience and practical advice from community projects 
  • From farm to fork: read about the open database that lets people buy food direct from source.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post; we hope you found it useful. 

Please continue to share your wellbeing-related news and events with us using the hashtag #WellbeingTogether and tagging us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

From all of us at the Network of Wellbeing, have a wonderful summer. We look forward to reconnecting with you in September.