In these unprecedented times we need to find effective ways to support each other. Here at NOW, we’ve relaunched our Wellbeing Together  webinar series, and this post shares a summary of a webinar on Compassion in Action: Caring for Others, Caring for Yourself.

Right now we need each other more than ever. Finding new ways to connect and show up for each other is an important aspect of caring for our own mental health and wellbeing.

Humans are socially connected beings, and finding ways to be there for those in need is inherently good for us.

But how can we put our compassion into action? And how can we truly help others in sustained ways that support our own wellbeing too?

In our webinar on Compassion in Action we heard from: Alex Nunn (Action for Happiness), Ruby Reed (Advaya) and Kareem Ghandour (The Heart Movement).

You can find the full webinar recording below, and if you’re pushed for time check out the highlights listed below the recording.

Plus, there will be a follow up listening space as a follow up to this event, on Tuesday 16th June at 7.30pm. This event will offer participants space to share stories and experiences of compassion in action. Find out more and join us there. 

Pushed for time? Skip to the Highlights

  • The webinar starts with a short guided meditation;
  • At 8 minutes: Alex Nunn presents on cultivating compassion;
  •  At 19 mins: Ruby Reed presents on regenerative activism;
  • At just before 29 mins: Kareem Ghandour presents on the power of listening spaces;
  • At 44 mins NOW’s Tracy Cheesman summarises key themes being raised by the webinar audience;
  • At 46 minutes we hear questions from the audience;
  • At 1 hour, 5 mins we hear closing messages from Alex, Kareem and Ruby.

Join Us Live Next Time

Our next free Wellbeing Together webinar will be held on Tuesday 23rd June from 7.30-9pm, and will be on the topic of Community Action for Health and Wellbeing.

Covid-19 has stretched already-overstretched health and wellbeing services almost to breaking point. Yet in the darkest times, sometimes the seeds of new growth can sprout. All over the UK, community groups have jumped in to support those in need.

What lessons can we tale from this experience? How can we help communities to be more resilient in the face of crises? How can we build back better to ensure the goodness and strengths that are out there are harnessed for wellbeing?

In this webinar we will hear perspectives and approaches from:

  • Simon Schebersky (Torbay Community Development Trust) on a pioneering asset-based approach to community development.
  • Brendan Martin (Buurtzoog Britain and Ireland) – on Buurtzoog – an innovative Dutch approach to health and wellbeing – and its application in the UK.
  • Jane Pightling (Evolutionary Transitions Group) – on the opportunities and the challenges for the NHS when working with communities.

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Last But Not Least, Thank YOU!

Huge thanks to Kareem Ghandour, Ruby Reed and Alex Nunn for being such wonderful webinar guests, and thank you for your interest in our webinar series. We have been positively blown away by the enthusiasm of those joining, connecting and learning from our webinar series – having the chance to connect with you all is much appreciated!