Every two weeks, the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) offers a summary highlighting beacons of hope and inspiration as we navigate these times together.

Here in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere, the Government has begun to relax the restrictions that were put in place in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. Yet life feels very different to what it was before lockdown. 

This new situation is not the ‘normal’ we lived in before Covid-19 and presents its own new mental health challenges – not least due to the uncertainty about what is going to happen next. The good news is we can continue to connect with and support each other – and we can continue to work towards building back better.   

Supporting Your Mental Health and Wellbeing:




Innovative Community Responses: 




  • Compassion in Action: Caring for Others, Caring for Yourself – our next free webinar on Tuesday 9th June, with Ruby Read from Advaya, Kareem Ghansour from The Heart Movement, and Alex Nunn from Action for Happiness. 
  • A Day of Nothing on 20th June – The world’s first festival of nothing – where there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go – from the Happy Start-up School. You get a free online book simply for signing up.

Finding New Perspectives:  

READ: Has lockdown created the path to a wellbeing economy? by Liz Zeidler of the Centre for Thriving Places.


JOIN: Humanity Rising? A global solutions summit – with daily discussions and presentations. Organised by Ubiquity. 

 Regular / Ongoing Wellbeing Events: 

Looking further ahead:

  • The Beyond Here Fellowship, led by Stir to Action, is launching a six-week webinar programme to connect UK communities with inspiring initiatives and approaches from other parts of the world. They start on Monday, 22nd June. 

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