This is undoubtedly a period of rapid change and uncertainty. In this post we share upcoming wellbeing webinars and other ways we’d like to help you to stay connected at this time.

At the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we recognise the struggle that many of you are facing right now. Our eyes are open to the challenges of this new reality shaped by Covid-19, and we are committed to help, support and resource you during this time. We want to be sensitive to this struggle. To hold it delicately. And we also want to highlight the beacons of hope and inspiration as we navigate these times together.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reaching out to many of you to find out what would be most useful, and as a result we are excited to announce:

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Wellbeing Together Webinar Series…

As physical distancing becomes our temporary ‘new normal’, there is a universality about our human experience. We are all experiencing the effects of COVID-19. But what and how we experience it will be so different. We are all having to adjust constantly. But how this looks and feels will be different for every one of us. The range of human experience and breadth of emotions is vast; and changing all the time.

We all need support to navigate these changing times. As we are physically apart, understanding each other and coming closer together has never been more important. This is why we are re-launching our Wellbeing Together free webinar series to share skills, experiences and new best practices.

At each webinar we’ll hear from someone working actively on personal, community or societal wellbeing, we’ll practice wellbeing skills together and we’ll also invite your contributions; through questions, comments and group discussion.

Join Our Free Upcoming Webinars 

The first webinar in this series will be Resilience and Wellbeing in Times of Rapid Change with Shamash Alidina, on 23rd April at 8pm-9pm BST.

‘We hurt where we care’ and many of us are feeling this hurt right now. This event is for anyone struggling with a sense of overwhelm in the current crisis. Together we will explore accessible approaches to help you stay mindful and act in alignment with your values. You can find out more and sign up for your free place here.

Two weeks later, on 12th May, we’ll be speaking with Karen Creavin from The Active Wellbeing Society.

Karen will be sharing lessons learned from the community wellbeing response to covid-19, based on her in-depth experience in Birmingham, but drawing out common themes that will be relevant for all working with communities. We’ll reflect together on any emerging practices we can take forward in the ways we work together. Please save the date / reserve your place for this webinar.

The Good News Is… 

Each week, the NOW team will curate online events & resources at the intersection of wellbeing and social change. We will aim to feature:

  • Ways to support mental health
  • Innovative community responses
  • Cutting edge wellbeing ideas, especially about how society could look after Covid-19

We will publish The Good News Is… every week on our blog, share on social media using #TheGoodNewsIs and share on Facebook Live too. We’re working on the first edition right now, and will share with you ASAP!

Our intention is to support and connect those working on happiness and wellbeing. 

Share your story or event… 

We particularly want to be a resource for you. So, we’d love you to participate in this good news movement.

  • Please tag your own stories – of innovative community responses, mental health support or cutting edge ideas, plus stories of hope and wellbeing inspiration – with the hashtag #TheGoodNewsIs. 
  • If you’d like to share news and events in your community, please drop us an email via

And please do stay in touch generally via social media – on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – we’d be happy to hear from you!