My Eco Resolution is a campaign from the Advaya Initiative and Cara Delevinge which seeks to raise awareness, and encourage people to act in order to co-create a world in which people and planet thrive. This post shares a free NOW webinar video about the campaign.

This free online event is part of a Building Wellbeing Together webinar series run by the Network of Wellbeing (NOW). You can find the highlights of this webinar listed below, and find out more about the webinar series here.

Webinar Highlights:

If you don’t have time to catch up on the whole video, we recommend you check out some of the below highlights:

  • At 11 minutes 30 seconds: We explore the links between mental health and the environment, touching on the importance of our connection to nature and the need to move away from focus on consumerism and accumulation.
  • At 21 minutes: Ruby and Christabel introduce the My Eco Resolution campaign; what it is and how it has developed.
  • At 31 minutes: We talk about the importance of cultivating hope for inspiring shifts in our own lives and in wider society.
  • At 35 minutes: Christabel guides a meditation practice based on some of the topics explored throughout the webinar.

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