The most pressing challenges facing us today – including wealth inequality, climate resilience, technology addiction, and social isolation – have the potential to be mitigated by improving the ways that we share resources with each other. Learn more with Tom Llewellyn from Shareable.

This video shares a webinar we hosted as part of our Building Wellbeing Together webinar series, with Tom Llewellyn from Shareable as our guest, plus Mirella Ferraz joining to speak about Share Shed Totnes, too. Find out more about the real sharing economy in this video and via the highlights and links shared below.

Webinar highlights:

  • At 4 minutes 30 seconds: Tom explains the concept of the real sharing economy being transformational rather than transactional, and explores how the real sharing economy improves our wellbeing.
  • At 12 minutes: We talk about different forms of time banks, and what makes a successful time bank.
  • At 16 minutes: Tom shares the potential that sharing initiatives have to create wider social and political change, including introducing the Sharing Cities book and movement.
  • At 27 minutes we talk about practical ways to take action and encourage more sharing in our own communities, and at 31 minutes Mirella Ferraz joins the conversation to share some specific examples from Totnes in South West England, including Share Shed Totnes and the recent ShareFest held in the town.
  • At 42 minutes 30 seconds we have an audience Q&A, covering topics from the role profit may play in sharing initiatives to the environmental impact of sharing.

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