The current economic system has become addicted to growth at all costs. It needs to be fundamentally transformed into a wellbeing economy which aims to achieve wellbeing and fairness, for people and the rest of nature.

This video shares a discussion about building an economy that is better for the wellbeing of people and planet. This is a recording of a webinar which forms part of a free ‘Building Wellbeing Together’ webinar series via the Network of Wellbeing (NOW).

Please note: Our discussion starts about 45 seconds in, and if you’re short of time and would just like to watch the highlights of this webinar please scan down to find a list of these.


  • Just before 6 minutes in: We ask how can we shift our economy so that it is better for people and for planet?
  • Just before 15 minutes: An introduction to the work of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WeAll) and their theory of change.
  • At 27 minutes: Exploration of the most important steps we can take to build a global alliance around the wellbeing economy.
  • At 36 minutes: We share ideas on communicating the wellbeing economy to wider audiences.
  • At 47 minutes and 30 seconds: We start the audience question and answers.

Find out more:

  • Learn more about the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WeAll): (please note, this website is currently being developed further but offers a good starting point to sign up for updates on WeAll’s work).
  • Connect with Katherine on Twitter:
  • Keep an eye out for Katherine’s book being released early 2019 via Policy Press. The book is called The Economics of Arrival: Ideas for a Grown Up Economy, co-authored with Jeremy Williams.

Building Wellbeing Together Webinar Series:

This webinar is part of a series of online events run by the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) exploring how we can build wellbeing together in our own lives, in our communities and in harmony with nature. We interview people and organisations working on happiness and wellbeing related projects once every month. Learn more. 

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