Date(s) - 17/05/2022
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

In a divided and polarised world, it is easy for hopelessness to take root. It can feel like we are all stuck in our entrenched viewpoints, that are amplified through social media bubbles, and that we are unable to move beyond.

When we face so many intersecting crises, how can we have effective conversations about contentious topics? How can we communicate with those with whom we disagree? How can we have meaningful connections in which we are honest, open and kind? Can we be willing to be changed by what we hear?

These questions are at once deeply personal and also of wider social and political relevance, for being able to debate with each other in a respectful way is the foundation of a democratic society. Join us in a learning space in which we will explore how we can move beyond dualistic and combative narratives of ‘us’ and ‘them’, ‘win’ or lose’ and begin to communicate in a way that cultivates hope, action, connection and change.

In this event we will hear from Ruth Ibegbuna, Founder & Director of The Roots Programme, George Marshall, Founding Director of Climate Outreach, and Alex Evans, Executive Director of Larger Us

Hosted by The Resurgence Trust and the Network of Wellbeing (NOW), this event will include talks from this panel of speakers, space for discussion and an interactive Q&A. Part of the Resurgence and NOW Hope in Action series, it will be an exploration of how we can maintain hope, wellbeing and resilience while co-creating a brighter, more beautiful future.

Tickets £8 (or £4 concessions)

This event will raise money for The Resurgence Trust, an educational charity (no. 1120414) and the Network of Wellbeing, a registered charity (no. 295976).

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