Partner with us at Eden Rise retreat venue 

The Network of Wellbeing (NOW) is looking for forward-thinking partners to work with us to deliver charitable residential retreats for a range of beneficiaries at our retreat venue, Eden Rise. 

Prospective partners could be national/international organisations, independent facilitators, educators or charities who can help design and host residential retreats for specific charitable purposes. 

Prospective partners must: 

  • share our vision – of people and the planet thriving together
  • be willing and able to enter time-limited exploratory discussions with us for no initial up-front fee (though if we agree to work together on an event, we will organise a fee / fair distribution of any profits)
  • be willing to plan up to 18 months ahead, as Eden Rise is booked very far in advance, so you’d need to be open to long build-up timeframes
  • have a knowledge and understanding of charitable purposes and the design of charitable services for specific beneficiaries 
  • be creative and collaborative, with an ability to work with us to co-create and co-host retreats
  • have an entrepreneurial spirit, with experience of either 
    • running retreats on a fee-paying basis
    • securing funding for them

We are open to a wide variety of partnership arrangements that share workload and risk, including working with partners to secure funding.

View an example of one of our current partnership retreats at Eden Rise: Hope in Action, in partnership with Resurgence Trust. 


How to respond

Prospective partners are invited to submit proposals for partnerships via our online template form found here. If you require a large print or paper version, please contact us.


About the Network of Wellbeing

The Network of Wellbeing has a vision of people and the planet thriving together. Our mission is to connect people, support projects and inspire action for the wellbeing of people and the planet. Our values are collaborative, compassionate and transformative.

We acquired Eden Rise in 2018 and have used the venue for a wide variety of residential wellbeing related retreats and events. We are now looking to co-create and run our own retreats and events at Eden Rise, in partnership with others.  


About Eden Rise

Based in Totnes, South Devon in 200-year-old converted barns, Eden Rise is a self-catered vegetarian retreat venue that can accommodate 17-22 people. View our venue.