Date(s) - 24/11/2020
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

More isn’t always better, and excessive amounts of stuff does not make us happy. Understanding this simple wisdom is central to ensuring sustainable wellbeing for people and the planet.

One inspiring man who embodies this wisdom as his life’s purpose is the activist Rob Greenfield, who will be the main guest speaker at this event.

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Further information:

Rob embarks on extreme projects to bring attention to important global issues and inspire positive change. His work has been covered by media worldwide, with eye-catching stunts like wearing a suit of garbage for 30 days to highlight the level of unnecessary waste produced through a consumer lifestyle, to living a whole year eating 100% of food he’s either grown or harvested.

His core message applies to us all: our actions do matter, and as individuals and communities, we have the power to improve the world around us.

We’re so excited to have Rob as a guest with us at our next webinar. Together at this special event we’ll explore:

  • The role of living sustainably in building greater wellbeing for all;
  • Concrete examples of projects which enable us to buy less and share more, such as the Share Shed (the world’s first mobile library of things);
  • What actions we can take as individuals and communities to support a radically reimagined sustainable future.

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This webinar is part of a Network of Wellbeing webinar series.