Date(s) - 02/05/2022 - 06/06/2022
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Extra weight. Increasing anxiety. Chronic fatigue. Brain fog.
Loss of interest—in everything! Inability to focus.
Irritability. Decreased efficacy at work.

You see it in your employees.
You see it in yourself.
And you can’t do your best work if you’re burned out.

If you are a team leader, manager, or wear an HR hat, this challenge is for you! Activate 5 simple strategies that will start to reverse burnout—and prevent it from returning. Try it out for yourself—and use your new tools to help your team going forward.

I’ve distilled eight years of health coaching into a super-simple system to get you started on your journey (back) to your best health—even (especially) if your to-do list is a mile long.

And this challenge includes added support and accountability if you need them in the form of a weekly Zoom call and a group chat thread.

Let’s turn the burnout train around.
Challenge begins May 2, 2022.